Metal Fabrication Facility & Equipment

Advanced Vessel & Alloy has added quite a few pieces of the most technologically advanced equipment to our Valdosta, GA fabrication shop. Our specialized tools facilitate the age-old manufacturing process for tanks, pipe, structural steel and specialty fabrication.


Peddinghaus has remained at the forefront in the structural steel fabrication industry and continues to offer the best the market has to offer in the BDL-1250/9D drill line. The Peddinghaus BDL 1250 is a nine-spindle drill capable of speed drilling on all 3 axes at over 1800 revolutions per minute. The drill line is also capable of scribing points of reference in order to facilitate layout and properly mark each piece. All of these features are controlled by compatible software, making the job faster, more efficient and more accurate, resulting in an unmatched quality.

Click here to watch a video of the BDL 1250/ 9D drill line.

Pipe Fabrication & Cutting Tools

[75]”>Vernon Pipe Technology is the leader in pipe prefabrication and cutting. Our Vernon MPM 5 axis cutting machine is fully automated and CNC controlled on 5 axes. The machine cuts, prepares and bevels the pipe all in one function. One person operates the machine as it quickly and accurately cuts each piece. Our pipe fabrication capability is unsurpassed โ€” and we have yet to fully discover all the advantages this machine has to offer.

It has the ability to cut any length or size of pipe, ranging from 3 to 48 inches in diameter and virtually eliminates the costly layout time associated with pipe fabrication.

Click here to watch a video of the Vernon MPM 5 in action


The Peddinghaus ABCM 1250/3 structural burning system combines Peddinghaus Patented Roller Feed accuracy with a multi-torch thermal cutting system to provide an automated solution for complex structural burning and coping requirements. From typical burning processes such as flange bevels, copes, blocks, flange thinning, cut-off, up to challenging cuts as haunches, castellations, and beam splitting, the ABCM 1250/3 delivers production.

Click here to watch a video of the ABCM 1250/3 Coper.

  • Wide 1250 x 610 mm / 50 x 24 inch opening
  • Automated cutting routine
  • 3 Torches
  • Automatic Web Torch Adjustment


The Peddinghaus Anglemaster model AFPS-643/O combines multi-tool punching with a powerful single cut shear and part marking system. This latestevolution of the industry standard Anglemaster has proven to be the first choice of world class fabricators all over the globe fast, efficient, and reliable angle production.

Click here to watch a video on the AFPS-643/0 Anglemaster.

  • Process angle and flat stock up to 6 x 5/8 inch โ€“ 150 x 15 mm
  • Process Unlimited stock lengths
  • Automatically punch up to four hole diameters
  • SignoScript Carbide part marking or SignoMat hard stamping systems available

Plate Cutting, Beveling, and Drilling Tables

Our Kinetic cutting tables models 3000 and 4000 combine multiple gas heads with high speed tool changers which allow multiple cutting, drilling and finishing operations to all be carried out with the same machine. We no longer have to remove the plate from the burning table to be drilled, finished, tooled or piece marked. The Kinetic 3000 and 4000 both have plasma-cutting heads accurate to within a tenth of a millimeter and feature a full range of motion to allow for bevel cuts with angles of up to 45 degrees in all planes. This substantially reduces cost and time throughout the fabrication process, providing savings that can be passed along to our customers.

Click here to watch a video on Kinetic 3000 and 4000 cutting tables.

Welding systems

Our welding systems, which are an integral part of fabrication process both in the shop and in the field, have been greatly enhanced over time through the advent of new technologies. Advanced Vessel & Alloy has converted to digital square wave welding systems in lieu of the analog submerged arc systems of years past. Our new systems can provide the longitudinal and lateral welds on tanks, vessels, pipe and ductwork. The quality achieved by this new technology is unsurpassed in our industry.

Most of our welding in the shop and field is done through a process called pulse arc welding. This method simultaneously controls the arc length and heat input, making it possible to achieve a higher quality weld with less chance for error or failure. It also cuts the welding time in half which helps AVA provide another cost savings to our customers.

Click here to watch advantages for pulse welding.

Our pipe welding has been converted to surface tension welding or STT. STT welding produces low hydrogen output, making it easier to obtain a high quality root weld penetration and fusion of the base metals from one side. STT virtually eliminates poor side wall fusion and lack of penetration. We recently completed over 35,000 linear feet of pipe fabrication with diameters up to 36โ€ with zero failures due to faulty welds. Most recently, we also became certified to weld both polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) pipe for an acid regeneration system requested by one of our valued customers.

Click here to watch STT welding in action.

In-house finishing department

Advanced Vessel & Alloy also houses its own finish department. Our fully equipped blast and paint facility offers a variety of prep, blast, paint, coatings and lining systems that are integral to several fabricated items within